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Web Accessibility

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web accessibility

The Web technology platform is a collection of web-related media types that can be used in web-based applications, websites, and documents. The Web technology platform includes the following components:

  • Web accessibility requirements
  • The user impact for individual requirements
  • The code level enhancements required for web accessibility
  • Design and evaluation techniques that should be used during design, development and testing phases

The web technology platform is organised into general accessibility practise areas. For example, the images section discusses accessibility issues and techniques related to images. Each type of media, such as images, is divided into best practices. Each best practise is divided into sub-sections that include the best practise name, a brief description of the best practises (including user impact), compliant and non-compliant examples, remediation recommendations, and various evaluation techniques. Each best practise in the Web technology platform corresponds to one or more accessibility standards. Section 508 (revised) of the US Rehabilitation Act, WCAG 2.0, and WCAG 2.1 are examples of accessibility standards.

web accessibility

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