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word accessibility

Microsoft Word is also a platform to create many documents today. There are accessibility options and best practices available to ensure that Microsoft Word documents are accessible to people with disabilities who use screen readers and assistive technology. It is frequently due to a lack of awareness of these features. Microsoft Word is most likely the format of choice for many people when creating documents.

Microsoft Word is used to create the following documents

user manual

User Manuals

text books


training manual

Training Manuals









annual reports

Annual Reports

What steps should we take to make Microsoft Word documents more accessible?

The key to creating an accessible Microsoft Word document is to ensure that the content is properly formatted and that the accessibility options are enabled. A user of assistive technology or a screen reader may be able to read a standard Word document. However, following the accessibility techniques in Microsoft Word ensures that the document is usable and accessible to people with disabilities.

word accessibility

microsoft word accessibility

What methods are there for making a Microsoft document accessible?

To meet accessibility standards, a Microsoft Word document must be formatted. In addition, we may need to make certain information available in order to make the document accessible to assistive technology and screen readers. Some of the techniques that would be used include:

  • Create the necessary headings
  • Highlight the document's language and content
  • Determine the proper reading order
  • Make a note of the lists
  • Configure the column and row headers for tables
  • Create bookmarks
  • Enhance the colour contrast of textual content (optional)

Aside from these methods, Coherent Art Studio also:

  • Creates Image Descriptions
  • Ensures that MathML Content and equations are accessible

What accessibility standards do we follow for Microsoft Word documents?

To make Microsoft Word documents accessible, we use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Microsoft Word Accessibility best practises.

word accessibility

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