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Images/graphics/charts are an important part of any document and require the description of the images to comply with the accessibility rules.

When we remediate a document, whether it is a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint, we make sure that all the images are described or, as some understand it, alternate texts are available to ensure that they are accessible and usable to people with disabilities, particularly those who use screen readers.

We believe that image descriptions are a basic requirement for making documents accessible, because people with disabilities would not have the same access as you and me if they did not have alternate text or image descriptions.

This is highly recommended to provide the image descriptions or alternative text to complete the accessibility.

Images are used in all forms of communication, including user manuals, training materials, marketing brochures, flyers, annual reports, product demonstrations, and corporate presentations.

training manual


teaching material

Teaching Materials



product demonstrations

Product Demonstrations

corporate presentations

Corporate Presentations

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