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When people try to reach us about the graphic services, we hear a lot of questions. But, please believe in us "Coherent Art Studio" is here to help you with your all questions, and importantly to says that the right team for your business needs.

Please feel free, if you have questions about the graphic services, Coherent Art Studio is the right place to answer the questions and your needs. Please refer to some of the frequently asked questions we hear about the graphic services:

1. What kind of graphic services are you providing?
Coherent Art Studio can help you with following graphics work:
  • Web designing image work and editing
  • Print designing image work and editing
  • Packaging designing work
  • Illustration (Tracing and vectorization of the graphics)
  • Photo editing work

Along with it more. Our team has the competency to work on your all business needs and expectations.

2. How much do you charge per hour for graphic work?
We DO NOT work on the per hour charge module. Please contact at connect@coherentartstudio.com for further questions and queries.
3. What if I don’t like it?
We’ll try our best to meet your expectations until you like it.
4. How many revisions do I get?
We can offer you 2 revisions after that subsequent rounds will be charged accordingly. Please contact at connect@coherentartstudio.com for further questions and queries.
5. Who has the rights to keep my files once the project is over?
Once the project is over we’ll provide the final files back to you at your request. We don’t keep the working files with us after finalizing them. However, we do like to use what we have created for you to boost our portfolio. We believe in making EVERY project a portfolio piece.
6. What documents do I need to send for a quotation?
We need the following inputs to be able to give you an accurate quotation:
  • Supply a word document for review
  • Supply a Style/Template, if possible
  • Details and instructions over the email or in a word file
7. How much do you charge for a project?
We charge based on the complexity of the document and environment. First, we review the provided input files and share the quote. Please contact at connect@coherentartstudio.com for further questions and queries.
8. What happens after the quotation is approved?
Once the quotation is approved, our process is as follows:
  1. Please provide your final Word/excel documents along with the final style template.
  2. If there are any changes required to design, please advise us in the instructions, will do the needful before proceeding for complete project.
  3. After receiving the approval, we process it as follows:
    • Pages make up in InDesign (We’ll insert/flow the provided content in the InDesign)
    • Converted pages are to check against the provided content in the Word document
    • Once all pages checked and approved we’ll send the low-res PDF via email for checking or your review
    • Once you review the document and mark up any corrections or changes, either directly into the PDF using tracked comments, or hand-written comments added to printed pages.
    • Required and provided changes are made directly into the InDesign file and returned for check/review.
    • The same process continues until the document is approved.
    • When all goes good with the document and approval has been given, we provide print ready files as per the specification.
9. What makes "Coherent Art Studio" different from others?
Our best efforts and process makes us different from others. Our team follows all the steps religiously for typesetting/layout. To follow all the steps is mandatory for all of us and to be more vigilant we have prepared a checklist for all.
  • Page Make up: While working our programmer always follows the style template and flows the text accordingly also they check the final pages and output before putting them for further checks.
  • Proofreading the content: We have the next step to proofread the converted pages and find the corrections if any.
  • QC the document: In the next steps, we put the document for the Quality check, where our QC checked the document against the provided style template and ensures that all is good with the converted text.
  • Making the PDF: Once all the steps followed and making all the correction our programmer makes the PDF of the document and again review it with the content i.e. a final glance on the document which is required to avoid any last-minute mistakes.
  • Checking the naming convention: Before delivering the document PDF our PM/GL checks the document naming and ensures it is followed as per project instructions.
10. What is the typical time frame?
The time frame and delivery of the project are always depending on the complexity and length of the documents. We always ensure to provide the best delivery time for all projects.
11. Do you help to provide ISBNs?
For ISBN this is highly recommended for our clients to arrange it, however, we can arrange it if you want.
12. Are you able to provide printing services?
Upon your request, we can provide you a quote for printing for your needs.
13. What kind of image quality do you prefer to provide while putting in the document?
During the layout and subsequent rounds, we can prefer Low-res positional (FPO) images. We require high-res images before producing the hires PDF for printing. For Printing, we highly recommended providing all images in CMYK mode, however, we should be fine to convert them from RGB to CMYK.

Meet Section 508 and 504 regulations by ensuring that your customers and employees, regardless of ability, have equal access to your documentation.

Our Section 508 Conversion services help you to remediate documents and ensure that your PDF and other documents conform to WCAG and are ADA compliant, whether you have one or many more.

What kinds of documents do you make available?
We are at Coherent Art Studio happy to help you to repair the PDFs, whether they are scanned PDFs, image PDFs, untagged PDFs, or tagged PDFs. In addition, we make Word documents (doc or docx) and PowerPoint presentations (ppt or pptx) available.
What accessibility requirements do you meet?
We use the PDF techniques developed for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. We use accessibility best practices and techniques in Word and PowerPoint.
I disagree with the document's accessibility and would like to see some changes made. Is it necessary for me to pay extra for the changes?
We at Coherent Art Studio collaborate with our customers to meet their accessibility requirements. You may request a file modification within three days of delivery, and we will make the changes at no additional charge. Please make sure to request all changes at once, as we only allow one modification.
Do you conduct testing with screen reader users?
Yes, all of our documents have been thoroughly tested by screen reader users.
How is the PDF file made available?
The uploaded PDF is first tagged, then we add image descriptions, correct the reading order, and finally test the PDF before delivering it.
Do you even include complex tables in PDF documents?
Yes, both simple and complex tables are tagged. To ensure that tables are accessible, we add headers and ids. We make certain that the tables are tested by screen reader users.
Do you make forms accessible?
We do, indeed. Screen reader users can access and use PDF forms because we make them accessible and usable.
My company does not accept credit or debit cards for payment. Is there another way to pay?
Please contact us at connect@coherentartstudio.com so that we can set up a wire transfer or a bank payment option.

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