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document accessibility

Simplifying Document Accessibility

Meet Section 508 and 504 regulations by ensuring that your customers and employees, regardless of ability, have equal access to your documentation.

Our Section 508 Conversion services help you to remediate documents and ensure that your PDF and other documents conform to WCAG and are ADA compliant, whether you have one or many more.

What we do?

Coherent Art Studio helps our customers by ensuring that their documents are compliant and fully accessible to all. Please feel free to send us a document to receive an Accessible PDF, Accessible PDF Form, Accessible Word Document, Accessible Excel Spreadsheet, or Accessible PowerPoint that complies with all Accessibility Standards & Guidelines.
web accessibility
web accessibility

Web Accessibility

The Web technology platform is a collection of web-related media types that can be used in web-based applications, websites, and documents. The Web technology platform includes the following components:
pdf accessibility


A Faithful and profitable Accessible PDF Remediation Service to help you ensure the accessibility of PDF documents on your websites. Our process supplies an assurance to the document that it is compliant as well as conformance to PDF/UA, WCAG 2.0, and WCAG 2.1.
adobe pdf forms


A PDF that is accessible ensures that everyone, including people with disabilities, can interact with your document and easily access the content, images, graphs, and forms that are included.
microsoft word accessibility


Microsoft Word is also a platform to create many documents today. There are accessibility options and best practices available to ensure that Microsoft Word documents are accessible to people with disabilities who use screen readers and assistive technology. It is frequently due to a lack of awareness of these features. Microsoft Word is most likely the format of choice for many people when creating documents.
microsoft excel accessibility


Microsoft Excel is a useful tool for storing and organising large amounts of data. You have an accessibility advantage when using Microsoft Excel if you use it correctly and take advantage of its built-in features.
microsoft powerpoint accessibility


Microsoft PowerPoint is without a doubt the preferred presentation format for all of us. The question is whether or not the PowerPoint slides are accessible to people with disabilities who use screen readers and assistive technology. Microsoft PowerPoint includes accessibility support, but it is up to us as content creators to ensure that our PowerPoint Presentations are accessible. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create a variety of documents.
image description

Image Description

Images/graphics/charts are an important part of any document and require the description of the images to comply with the accessibility rules. When we remediate a document, whether it is a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint, we make sure that all the images are described or, as some understand it, alternate texts are available to ensure that they are accessible and usable to people with disabilities, particularly those who use screen readers.

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